Attorney General Linda Folaumoetu'i. Photo/TBC

Allegations being circulated on social media which claimed the Minister of Police Mateni Tapueluelu was put under house arrest were false and baseless, the Attorney General’s Office said this afternoon. 

The Attorney General has appealed to the public to be considerate when posting information on social media. 

Kaniva news understands the allegations were posted to anti-government Facebook pages and shared by their members and some concerned online users. 

A statement from the Attorney General Office read: “The Attorney General’s Office wishes to express its serious concerns regarding information that is currently circulating on Social Media since last weekend claiming that the Honourable Minister of Police, Fire & Emergency Services, Revenue & Customs, Mateni Tapueluelu is “under house arrest”. 

“The Attorney General’s Office wishes to advise the public that these information and stories circulating on Social Media are not factual and without foundation. Members of the public are requested to demonstrate restraint and responsibility while posting on Social Media.”

The warning from the Office came after the government set up a panel to investigate what had been described as “violent attacks” on the royal family that were carried on Facebook last month.

The Attorney General said last month police were considering laying treason charges against the people responsible.

“There’s a couple of accounts with Tongan names that have actually shown pictures and comments which may amount to defamation or sedition or treason,” she said, adding that the prime minister and government had also been targeted by some Facebook pages.

The government announced it was considering banning Facebook in the kingdom.


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